Our Philosophy

DII Capital focuses on investments in the Southwestern United States, seeking out strategic land acquisitions and development opportunities for hospitality, commercial, residential, retail, and mixed- use projects. 

From a financial perspective, the company targets properties which are projected to yield a pro forma IRR in excess of 25%. The company employs a streamlined staff of experienced, take-charge professionals, then engages established local consults and professionals who are familiar with the intricacies of development within their own communities.

This business model enables the company to move swiftly and confidently in several different markets at once, while also diversifying the company’s project mix and holdings. Keenly aware of community sensitivities and project sustainability, DII Capital involves local jurisdictions and neighborhoods in the development process from the conception of its projects to provide the best project for all parties concerned. Ultimately, DII Capital pursues high quality projects with a passion for excellence; pride of ownership is fundamental to every aspect of DII Capital’s endeavors.


Dominic “Nick” Magliarditi


Mr. Magliarditi (“Nick”) is the founder and CEO of DII Capital. Nick’s legal, financial, and real estate investment and development background over the last 30 years uniquely enables the Company to pursue its various investments and projects.

For over the last 12+ years Nick has been singularly focused on hotel investments and developments in areas with substantial healthcare demand generators, including establishing hotel programs with some of the largest hospitals in the Southwest US. Nick practiced corporate and real estate law both in New York City and Las Vegas, NV prior to focusing on real estate investments and developments for his own account and other business investments. His expertise is in the acquisition, entitlement, and financing of real estate investments, having personally handled the complete development process for dozens of projects ranging in size from $2.5M to $100M+, including several hotel development projects ranging in project cost from $25 to $85 million.

In addition, for over 4 years, Nick was the COO of a residential development company which developed and built single and multi-family residences in Las Vegas, NV with annual sales of approximately $125 million. Through his varied experiences and business that he has conducted over the last several years in the Southwest United States, Nick brings to the Company a unique, proprietary, and constant stream of real estate investment opportunities.


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